In an area with such rugged terrains, helicopters quickly made themselves indispensable and aerial work is an important aspect of the company which can perform in many fields, such as: :

Héli-SMUR 974

Our Airline Company is fitted with a new generation helicopter ( H135 T3H ), which is wholly equipped for missions exclusively booked for emergency interventions, and for transferts between differents hospitals complexes, in support on emergency service of Reunion Island.

The F-OHSG helicopter looks entirely like an ambulance. On board are welcomed the doctor and the nurse by the pilot and his helper. ( The main base si located at Roland Garros Airport ).

This Heli-SMUR 974 ( French for emergency rapid response unit ) is working since December 2018, in order that each inhabitant of Reunion are for less than 30 minutes of an hospital.


Sur cette photo, présentation des 3 pilotes de la compagnie

Horse collar transportation

We combine the performance of equipment and man’s know-how to reach maximum efficiency. We can bring the most diverse materials to the most remote places.

Transport à l'élingue
Photos & Movies

With its diverse natural resources and its stunning landscapes, Reunion Island is often chosen by film directors and professional photographers. To our pilot, their accompanying is a distinctive service which implies knowledge about the area and the equipment as much as availability and listening.

Some of our involvements: 

  • “L’Ile à grand spectacle”: each and every state of water, by Denis Ducroz.
  • commercial for Citroën: a real technical achievement.
  • Ushuaia: a documentary shot in the “Trou de Fer” (Iron Hole)
  • Involvement in the shooting of the film “Reunion Magique”, in I-MAX, by Alain Gérente and Jean-Pierre Chardon. It was the most prestigious one, with more than 250h of shooting using the helicopter.
  • Accompanying of photographers: YannArthus-Bertrand, Roland Bénard, HervéDouris, SergeGélabert.
Prise d'image aérienne
Fighting fires/wildfires

Helicopters match the necessity of responding quickly whenever there’s a fire as they can reach unattainable places.
As soon as 1996, Helilagon bought a “bambi bucket”, a huge and flexible bag which can containup to 750 l of water: after having filled it in the ocean, the helicopter comes to empty it on the area on fire.
Fully loaded, the helicopter can reach 200km/h which enables it to be quickly put at use. With each of its passing, the water which is spread covers an area of 10m long by 11m wide. This “bambi bucket” doesn’t only help to fight against fire, but it also ensures the water supply of the remote farms and construction sites.

Larguage d'eau sur incendie
Observation of electric lines and cable stringing
Contrôle de câbles EDF
Contrôle de câbles EDF
Supply of construction sites
Link between Reunion Island and Mayotte via Madagascar for a geographical island map making task
Site spotting
Activities linked with Mafate: opening-up, food supply, mail delivery, transportation of school teachers and medical staff members(DDASS)
T.A.A.F. (French Austral and Antarctic Lands): a helicopter onboard the Marion Dufresnemothership leads numerous interventions despite extreme weather conditions: food supply, passenger transportation, load transfer, scientific missions...