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45 minutes environThe Ultimate Tour

It includes: the 3 cirques, the Iron Hole, the Volcano and the west coast.

A highly colorful island

Red for the Plain of Sands and its moon-shaped scenery, for the volcano, Furnace Peak, one of the most active in the world.
Green for the cirques, Mafate and its remote islets, Salazie and its luxuriant flora, Cilaos and its incredibly steep ramparts, Belouve / Bebour and its primary forrest.
Yellow for the Reunionese sun and western beaches
Blue for the lagoon, the coral reef and the impressive waterfall in the Iron Hole where one can admire, if lucky, a beautiful rainbow.

Departure from our base in L’Eperon in Saint Gilles 
(Departure from Saint Pierre or Saint Denis*)
*from Saint Denis you will fly over Saint Denis’ heights instead of the west coast and lagoon

* Flight length can be changed according to the weather conditions.

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